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IngestAI Docs

Build your own custom AI-tool within minutes, with no-code.

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1. Prompt Engineering

Create your prompt templates, save them, use few-shot prompting, compare results, re-use your favorite prompts with slash commands in any interface or messaging apps (Slack, Discord, WhatsApp, Telegram, etc). Connect to more than 20 AI and LLM models (OpenAI, Co:here, StabilityAI, Dall-e, Stable Diffusion, etc).

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2. AI trained on Your Data

Tailoring AI/LLM models with your specific content enables you to develop ChatGPT-style web chats that incorporate your FAQ, product details, or documentation. Create custom virtual assistants for employees, educational assistants, or integrate seamlessly into your website, or numerous messaging platforms and APIs.

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3. Vector AI Storage

Enable your team an internal search that really works, finds exactly what they need, and lets them get back to their jobs within seconds, armed with the data they need. This leads to Improved productivity, reduced content duplication and rework, informed decision making, and greater employee satisfaction.