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How to upload your docs

Follow these instructions to create a library.

  1. Got to "Libraries" from the navigation bar.
  2. Click "Add Library" button.
  3. Name your Library and click Save.
  4. Drag and drop your docs or use our web crawler.
  5. Click Save and wait until the upload is complete and your docs are processed, this can take a few seconds or minutes, depending on the file size.

Advanced options:


A higher temperature (will result in more diverse and creative responses, sometimes sacrificing coherence. A lower temperature will lead to more focused and consistent responses but may appear repetitive and less creative. Adjusting the temperature allows you to fine-tune the balance between predictability and creativity in the model's output.

Library Detalization

Higher Library detalization allows for consistent context throughout the document even after it's been split into smaller sections. This is important because it ensures that the information provided in each section or document is understandable and seamless, allowing for effective communication of ideas. We recommend to increase Library Detalization in case of contextually rich documents, like learning materials and decrease it to minimum in less contextually connected documents, like in case of spreadsheets where information is normally spitted by rows.

File Size: Freemium users are able to upload one file with limited size of 3Mb.


In summary, Libraries are organized compilations of data that make your chatbots context aware. Libraries enable your chatbots to access specific data points and then generate responses based on user input and the retrieved data from your knowledge base. When initiating a conversation with a chatbot, you can access only the one Libraries. However, the number of files you can upload to one Library depends on your monthly membership or subscription plan.