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The Basics

IngestAI is a platform that lets any one without technical background and minimal technical skills build and launch contextually aware chatbots on numerous messaging platforms. It offers seamless integration with other tools. Explore how to integrate IngestAI with a platform of your choice - Slack, MS Teams, Discord, WhatsApp, Telegram, or embedding our web chat into your website.


Experience the convenience of integrating IngestAI with Discord, a leading collaboration platform for gaming and communities. Connect your chatbot directly to Discord to access a variety of conversational AI features and elevate your chatting experience to the next level. With IngestAI and Discord integration, conversing with your chatbot has never been easier or more engaging.

Step-by-step Guide

To integrate IngestAI with Discord, follow these simple steps: Discord Integration


Elevate your team's productivity and streamline communication by integrating IngestAI with Slack. Deploy your chatbot directly on Slack in minutes for seamless communication and efficient collaboration. With IngestAI's powerful integration, you can enjoy real-time messaging and access to numerous tools and platforms to enhance your chatbot experience. Interact with your chatbot effortlessly within the Slack platform and take your team's workflow to the next.

Step-by-step Guide

To integrate IngestAI with Slack, follow these simple steps: Slack Integration


IngestAI's integration with WhatsApp offers a simple yet powerful solution for businesses to interact with their customers through chatbots. With a user-friendly deployment process, businesses can conveniently engage with their customers on this widely-used messaging platform. IngestAI's integration guarantees seamless communication with customers, ensuring efficient and consistent interactions with chatbots. Simplify your customer service by integrating WhatsApp with IngestAI to provide a smooth, reliable, and effective user experience.

Step-by-step Guide

To integrate IngestAI with WhatsApp, follow these simple steps: WhatsApp Integration


IngestAI offers seamless integration of chatbots on Slack, Discord, MS Teams, and WhatsApp, providing users with a diverse range of communication channels to interact with their customers. With easy deployment of chatbots on these popular messaging platforms, IngestAI offers a convenient and hassle-free experience. Whether customers are interacting with a chatbot on a website or via messaging, IngestAI's integrations ensure consistent and smooth communication.