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1. Making a Discord App

Go to and make na App.

Making App

2. Make a Discord bot

Making Discord Bot

3. Get the token

Getting token

4. Manage bot permissions

Add bot to the channel with needed permissions, go to OAuth2 -> URL Generator, click bot and choose bot permissions. To work with messages choose everything, connected to it:

Managing permissions

5. Copy your permissions token

In the bottom of the page pick up URL and go to it:

Copying permissions

6. Choose your server

Select server to give this bot access to:

Selecting server

7. Get authorized

Receive message that everything is OK:

Getting authorized

8. Add your Discord bot to IngestAI

Go to and add Discord Bot:

Getting authorized

And make sure bot is connected:

Getting authorized

9. Activate your bot

Now we need to initialize your bot:

Getting authorized

That's all! You're amazing! Have fun!